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Tips For Organizing Your Warehouse With Heavy-Duty Storage Bins

Choosing the right bins to store your inventory is important because you want your goods to be protected and you also want value for your investment. If you have a large warehouse, you may need to buy numerous bins in multiple sizes. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal bins for commercial use.

Buy Heavy-Duty Plastic Bins

Plastic is the ideal material for storing inventory. It is waterproof and it won't rust. However, you want heavy-duty plastic so it lasts a long time and won't crack easily. You may need to store heavy items or move the bins around the warehouse, so you want strong and durable bins that can take some abuse.

Buy The Same Brand And Size For Stacking

When you find high-quality bins you like, buy several of the same kind so they fit perfectly on top of each other for stacking. You can buy bins with lids that stack on top of each other as long as the lids are closed flat. If you want easy access to the contents of the bins, then purchase stacking bins with openings in the front that allow you to reach inside to get items and easily monitor inventory. You can even buy stacking bins with wheels on the bottom so they can be moved around easily yet take up minimum space since they rest on top of each other.

Use Color Coding For Easy Identification

One of the great things about plastic commercial bins is that they come in several bright colors that can be used to help organize your goods. While you'll also want labels on the bins, which can be as easy as writing on the plastic with a marker, you can also sort your inventory by color. This makes it easy for you to narrow down what you're looking for by heading toward the shelf with the specified bin color. This also makes it easy to create a color-coded map of your warehouse, so no time is lost searching for the inventory you need.

Use Multiple Sizes

These strong and durable bins come in all sizes. This makes it easy to keep small pieces organized. You won't lose track of them in large bins or closed drawers. Store small pieces, parts, and supplies in small stacking bins on a shelf so all of your small inventory can be seen and reached easily. This keeps everything fresh in your mind so you don't have inventory shoved to the back you forget about. You can also buy mega-size bins that fit on a dolly or pallet to hold large pieces of inventory safely while it is stored or transported.

Heavy-duty storage bins are the perfect storage solution for commercial use. They'll keep your products protected and they'll be easy to move and reach. You can even buy them made from transparent plastic so you can easily see what is inside bins stacked high on a shelf.