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Tips For Keeping Your RV Safe, Secure And Intact In Storage

If you will not be using your recreational vehicle (RV) for some time, it's advisable to store it somewhere safe and secure instead of just parking it in your front yard. Here are a few tips for proper RV storage:

Clean and Dry the RV

Most things need to be cleaned and dried before storage, and an RV is no exception. Cleaning and drying is important because:

·         It protects the RV from water damage (think decay and rot)

·         It gets rid of organic debris that may attract pests

·         It preserves your RV's fresh smell

While at it, confirm that all the seals are intact and will not be leaking water during storage. Caulk the seals if they look deteriorated.

Make Sure It Is Properly Sealed

Few things are as dangerous as storing your RV with its doors, windows or other openings open. That the easiest way to invite weather damage or pests to your RV. Therefore, close all the openings that can be closed, caulk the seals, and cover it with a breathable material.

Keep Out the Pests

Pest infestation in an RV is not just a bother; they can cause real damage to upholstery and electrical wires. For example, rats can chew insulation material off electrical cables and expose you to electrical shock or your RV to the risk of electrical fire. Here are a few tips to prevent pest infestation in storage:

·         Make sure all openings are sealed

·         Ensure the RV is clean and dry

·         Install screens on openings that should not be closed, such as vents

·         Eliminate possible food and nesting sources such as paper towels, actual food, and soap

Protect the Tires

Lastly, you also need to protect your tires from damage during storage; otherwise, you may experience a dangerous blowout soon after retrieving your RV from its storage place. Here are a few tips to take care of the tires:

·         Increase the pressure slightly above the recommended limit

·         Keep the RV in a shaded area; direct sunlight will accelerate the deterioration of the tires

·         Clean and dry the tires before storage; this is especially necessary to get rid of oil or fuel residue that also accelerate tire deterioration

·         If the RV will be in storage for a long time, rest the RV on blocks to relieve the pressure on the tires

Many self-storage facilities have appropriate units for storing RVs. Such places are secure and safe, enabling you to store your RV for as long as you wish without weather damage. Check the storage facilities in your area, such as E-Z LAKEWAY STORAGE, if you want to store your RV