Making Moving Easy

Are Self-Storage Units For You?

Thinking about moving or decluttering your home but not sure if you want to take the plunge into the world of self-storage? The use of self-storage is a great way to lighten your load, and the following information about the perks of using storage unit rentals might help make the decision more clear for you. 

Trucks Are Available

Always ask your storage facility if they have trucks available for you to use to get your items in the unit. This handy feature is a win-win for everyone involved. The self-storage facility gets more renters quicker, and you get your home cleared out faster. If you are moving larger items into your storage unit, this might be the best option if they do not fit in your vehicle. 

Location of The Unit

Something to consider is the location within the facility of your particular self-storage unit rentals or rental. If you are in an exterior spot, it will be easy to load and unload your things, but the interior ones, or the ones on the second or third floor of the building, might be more difficult to access. But there is plenty of space to get through to your unit, and it has the added protection of the building to protect from outdoor elements. Knowing the items you will be moving into your unit will help the facility find the best spot for you. 

Temperature Controlled or Not?

Depending on what you are planning to store in your self-storage unit rentals, you might consider choosing one that has temperature control. This will protect your belongings from the elements and ensure that nothing gets warped, rotten, or damaged from humidity and other natural occurrences. If you are storing appliances, musical instruments such as a piano, antique items, or artwork, it is a must to opt for the temperature-controlled unit. 

24/7 Surveillance 

If you are nervous about leaving your precious heirloom or your expensive television in your storage unit, having a 24/7 security camera on your self-storage unit is a good idea. With access to look in your self-storage unit through a camera, you are able to check in on your belongings to make sure nothing happens to them while you are away. While most storage unit rentals come equipped with insurance, having that extra peace of mind from the use of a security camera might be worth your money. 

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