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Tips For Storing Electronics In A Self Storage Unit

Buying up hordes of electronics and electronic devices when they are marked for far less than their every day prices is smart. You can easily resell what you buy for double the price. However, you will need someplace to store your horde. Self storage units can work, but you should definitely store electronics in a very specific way. Here are some tips that can help.

Use ONLY Environmentally-Controlled Units

Electronics, such as laptops, TVs, tablets, and smartphones, are all extremely sensitive to humidity and cold. If you have ever put your phone down on a cold seat in your car or accidentally left it in the car for an hour or more, you found out what happens to such devices. The LCD screens freeze, and then the devices do not work. If you are lucky, when the phone warmed up and thawed out, it would function again.

For that reason, you are going to need environmentally-controlled storage units. The units have to be kept at room temperature all the time, AND they have to remain moisture-free too. Otherwise you have to sell them as "water-damaged" because their water damage markers will show the color that indicates that these items have been somewhere wet.

Look for Safe and Dry Units

Do not put your electronics purchases in a storage unit near a river that floods often. Do not put them below sea level, since waters will rise above the ground and find a way into any storage units close by. Your best bet is to place everything you bought and plan to resell in an indoor storage facility, with double the security.

Since you will also need plenty of security against theft, your units should be more than just locked from the outside. There should be functional cameras to watch activity in and around your storage unit. If you do get a storage unit indoors, then the entrance and exit doors should also be locked. This provides the most adequate safety and protection when you want your horde protected against thieves, and it protects you every time you visit your storage unit to retrieve items that you have sold.

Add Additional Protection by Placing Items in Locked Footlockers

Even if thieves managed to break into your unit, all they would see are a bunch of locked footlockers. That is not half as tempting as a stack of boxed laptops, is it? Place all of the devices that you can into footlockers and lock up the footlockers. It would take thieves hours to break open the locks and see what is inside, and by then someone is sure to notice what is going on and call the police.

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