Making Moving Easy

The True Cost of DIY Moving

If you are debating between DIY moving and hiring professional movers, you should know that DIY moving is not as cheap as many people think. Here are some of the factors you should include in your evaluation when determining the true cost of DIY moving:

You Have to Hire a Moving Truck

Unless you own a sizable truck you can use for your relocation, you will need to hire a moving truck for the day. This cost will depend on several factors such as the size of the truck (determined by the size and number of items you wish to move) as well as the distance you wish to travel. This may affect the number of days you wish to keep the truck.

You Have to Pay for Gasoline

In addition to the actual cost of hiring a moving truck, you also have to pay for the fuel. Again, the cost of the fuel depends on different factors such as the fuel consumption of the truck, the size of the truck, and the distance you wish to travel. Don't forget that unexpected hiccups, such as traffic snarl-ups and diversions, may increase your fuel cost beyond your initial estimation.

You Have to Rent Loading Equipment

When you hire a moving company, they are responsible for loading and unloading the items at the pickup point and the destination, respectively. This means if trolleys, ramps, lifters or forklifts are needed, it is the mover's responsibility to provide it. The movers can afford to buy this equipment because they use them every day, which means they get a reasonable return on investment. If you decide to handle the move on your own, you have to rent the loading and unloading equipment (buying them wouldn't be economically viable); this adds to your overall moving cost.

You May Incur Incidental Expenses

You can't be certain that your moving day will progress without hiccups. For example, the truck may develop a problem or a snowfall may delay your; both of these unforeseen circumstances may increase your overall moving cost. If you were to hire a moving company; they would absorb the added cost.

You May Incur Accidental Damages or Injuries

Lastly, professional movers have the skills and experience to handle your move with the least risk of accidents. As a DIY move, however, you risk hurting yourself when loading and unloading your equipment. You may also slip and fall and damage your fragile items. Worse, these accidents may affect your moving helpers and thus you may even be required to co-pay their medical bills.

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